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BLUESTACKS: Run Android Application On PC

If you dream to be able to take advantage of Android, you may have already tried to install Android on your PC. But if the steps seemed a little complex or simply not want to install OS virtualized so, I suggest you right here another method, simple and effective, in order to launch your applications (and games) for Android your PC.

The interest as you’ll see here is to have to install a Windows-compatible program and take advantage of the Android interface to run compatible applications, especially since the system upgrades to Ice Cream Sandwich. I am of course talking about the software Bluestacks !

bluestacks android pc windows

Introducing Bluestacks

Bluestacks is a software available for Windows or Mac OSX playing the emulator role. In fact, it runs on the Ice Cream Sandwich interface now (Android 4.0.X) and manages as well the sensors of a phone with the mouse or computer keyboard.

Another interesting point is, the NDK is supported and the application handles the ARM architecture, which also allows you to take advantage of hardware acceleration of your GPU, for more fluidity and performance yet (you can imagine the capabilities of a PC to run mobile applications).

So what we must remember above all is to be able to run applications Android, even recent, with a simple software to install and use without further delay!

Discovery Software

There is no more time to lose, now that you know the main on the software, we will download it and install it and how to use it, very simply rest assured.

Download and install the program

To purchase the program and have it on your PC, please visit the official page of Bluestacks and download the software.

bluestacks tutorials


Install the program as you would for a standard application:

Reached the stage just below, check the boxes of your choice: the first to have access to the App Store, the second to enable notifications applications. Installation starts …


tutorial how to install android apps to pc


Once installed, the application launches Bluestacks alone.

Launch Android Apps

The interface charge and you get to see you on this page. It has some installed applications (on the first line of the screen), for the rest, they have proposed applications and categorized.

bluestacks android pc

Automatically Bluestacks will launch the updated Android.

download bluestacks pc android

After that, it will go to the settings via “All …” at the top right , as you would with your smartphone or tablet and enter your Gmail account.

♦On the following screen, click “Settings …”

♦Click on “Advanced Configuration”

♦And “Add Account”

♦And finally, select “Google” course

Once your account is linked to the application, you will be able to download as usual on the Play Store, applications and/or games you want to install (with your PC, you should not run out of space and take advantage of Ethernet / Wi-Fi performance of the machine.

Before leaving our tutorial, remember that multitasking is well supported by the program.

And that’s it, then, you know what to do to download applications, since you’re facing your old Play Store. Have a good time!


I hope this tutorial has helped you to enjoy your applications and games directly from your computer. You see how easy it is to run these through Bluestacks and this solution does not require the Android installation in addition to your operating system natively.

Feel free to provide feedback on the software, if you already use, if it works at home. And if you did not know, is that this tutorial has helped you to use? Although there is nothing complicated to do in the end.


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