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Final Fantasy Tactics, a masterpiece of tactical RPG, available on Android

It’s a nice surprise that we did there Square EnixFinal Fantasy Tactics: The War of the Lions, which is considered as one of the best tactical RPG of all time, has just landed on Android. A good opportunity to catch up to those who would never have had access to PSOne and PSP versions.

final fantasy Tactics Android

To understand the interest of the arrival of Final Fantasy Tactics on Android, it is necessary to go back 18 (!) Years ago. It is indeed in 1997 that the episode comes completely apart from the popular series of Japanese role-playing. Since its commercialization nor the players nor the criticism is wrong, it is indeed a pure masterpiece, a tactical RPG monumental landmark in the history of gaming. The only problem is that his editor had then decided not to leave the title out of the Japanese borders. For connoisseurs of the time, frustration was enormous. Well aware of the value of his title, but Square Enix has decided to highlight an improved version of the game in 2007, subtitled The War of the Lions. If the graphics have been slightly retouched, especially the Japanese publisher has added some additional scenes, some content and especially a completely redone English translation. This is the version that comes out today in the Play Store.

Final Fantasy Tactics Android Game

Explain why Final Fantasy Tactics is considered a masterpiece in detail would be a little long. Between its rich scenario rebound and extremely dense, with mechanical games based on the jobs that create very specific profiles of characters (and particularly time), all associated with fighting situations turn by turn extremely rich and you get a perfectly balanced game, deep, full of content and able to hold a good sixty hours without blinking. Both warn newcomers, the difficulty has not changed a bit compared to 1997. The difficulty is with go and the interface shows sometimes arid.

Final Fantasy Tactics Game

Final Fantasy Tactics: The War of the Lions currently costs 13.99 euros and contains no ads or in-app purchase. This is not excessive given the generosity and quality of the game. The title requires 644 MB of free space on the phone and at least Android 4.0 to be launched. Last, it is necessary to have a good level of English (or a handy dictionary) to fully enjoy the game. If you meet these criteria and retro games do not make you afraid, go ahead.


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