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Modern Combat 5 will soon move to the free to play model

Gameloft has announced that its latest mobile FPS, Modern Combat 5 will be a free to play in the coming days. An energy system and ingame currency will be in place for new players and those who have already purchased the game will receive some benefits.

Launched in the summer of 2014 at the price of 5.99 euros and no in-app purchase, Gameloft now has to make Modern Combat 1 May free to play. In a forthcoming update – already deployed on iOS and coming to Android – Gameloft FPS will be free to download but will introduce constraints for those who download it . Thus, each mission single player campaign will require expending energy to be launched and in-app purchases shop will buy against a few euros. Gameloft, however, that those who have already purchased the game will receive some benefits. The status of “veteran” in fact allow them to benefit from an infinite energy gauge and virtual wallet will have 200 credits, the new in-game currency of the game.

This transition to free to play model is also one of the points of the next update of the game. The update of the spring, as it is called, will introduce a new class (Support) a new class of weapon (Light Machine Gun), the sixth tier of weapon, a new multiplayer mode (Control Area), extended support for joysticks games and new weapons customization options and characters. According to Gameloft, this update that will attract new players should give a boost to the game and allow it to last longer.

On Android, the game is still paying for the time and costs 3.99 euros. This spring update should be available in the coming days on Android smartphones.

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