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Racing Fever: a bit of slalom on the highway?

Difficult to find the game enjoyable car when finished Asphalt 8 and we spend our weeks to make Real Racing on performance tests 3. But at the turn of the Play Store, a Racing Fever caught our attention. Yet with a logo as one sees percent, and graphics rather lambda, we would not bet on a great pleasure to play.

Racing Fever Android Game

Racing Fever offers a very simple and known concept. You start with a rotten car, and you’ll have to improve it and gather money to access other vehicles. To do this, it is very simple: burn rubber on the road. There are four game modes that allow you to vary the pleasures. The One Direction Mode takes you on a more conventional four-way, the Double Sens offers two fashion lines of cars in the opposite direction, mode Driving Libre (which is not very interesting), and Tim Attack mode which is against the basic shows you where you save time by rolling in the right place.

The game features three views (hood from behind and above), allowing you to vary the pleasures here too. A small stopwatch operate slows the game to avoid obstacles, and the game is controlled by tilting the smartphone left or right to turn. But as it is well designed, the gameplay is maximum, and precision of movement is at an appointment. And when you drive fast cars, I can guarantee you that pleasure will be increased tenfold.

This is a small, addictive game, well done, and freer. In return, some ads will require a click on the little red cross when you finish a race. But we quickly forget the inconvenience.


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