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Tutorial: How to install Android Developer Preview M on a Nexus 5, 6 or 9

It has almost become a habit with Google , in which the announcement of a new version of Android is always accompanied by a developer preview version. This is also the case with Android M, which since last Friday, can be installed on the Nexus 5 Nexus 6 or Nexus 9. If you think that trying the new version of Android is well worth erase all data your device, put your hands dirty and teething unstable and potentially bugged version then follow the guide.

Nexus 5

How to install the preview version of Android on Nexus 5 M / 6 Nexus / Nexus 9?

Some warnings before launching into installing Android M

Let us remember once and for all, the Developer Preview version of Android M put online by Google is not intended for the general public. This is still a beta version, bugged and unstable, far from what will be the final version of Android M. Especially, installation of Android M erase all data on your device. Once installed, it is possible to re-install a clean version of Lollipop, but all data will be lost again. The novelty of Android Developer Preview M this year is that this preview will update via OTA updates monthly until the final release of Android M . Once installed version, there will have to wait for the updates arrive automatically. Well done.

Final warning of this tutorial, we assume that you know already know the field of flash ROM, what a bootloader or you already ROOTE telephone. Install this Developer Preview has risks and can potentially damage your device. We believe that you have been warned and we are not liable for damage that could create this tutorial.

Download link

This preview of Android M is for now only available for Nexus 5 Nexus Nexus 6 and 9. It is possible to download images from the Developer Preview of Android M at:

For our part, we downloaded and installed the image of the Nexus 9. We will take this example throughout the tutorial. This image, a .tgz file weighs about 920 MB This is an archive that contains another archive (in tar). Unzip all until a final record of the type “Volantis-MPZ44Q” in the case of our Nexus 9.


Before you can install Android on your device M, prepare both your PC, whether on Mac (and Linux) or Windows and your device so they can communicate together. So let’s start by preparing the PC. We assume in this tutorial you have never installed the Android SDK or the fast boot.

For smartphone

To have your smartphone is well recognized by the PC and that it may be able to send and install the image of Android M, it is necessary to activate the phone developers options. See you in Settings> About phone and click “Build number” until that Android tells you that you have unlocked developers options.

Then go to Settings> Developer Options and enable “USB debugging”. Then connect your smartphone to your PC. Your Android smartphone will ask you via a pop-up if you want to Enable USB debugging. Click OK. Before leaving this menu also activate security by the “OEM unlock system” just above USB debugging. We go to the PC.

For PC

See you on the topic of XDA-Developers and download version 1.3 of “15 seconds ADB Install”. Once downloaded, run adb-setup-1.3.exe and answer “Y” then Enter to all questions posed by the small text box all right coming of DOS. When finished, go to the verification step to verify that your smartphone is well recognized by the PC.

For Mac:

Open Terminal on the Mac (via the Finder, look for Terminal) and copy and paste the following command and press enter:

bash <(curl -s )

Your Mac will ask for your password (to enter without the characters are displayed) and then install some files. These are Android drivers (ADB) and the fast boot. If you want to uninstall, go to this topic XDA-Developers to enter the uninstall command. When finished, go to the verification step to verify that your smartphone is well recognized by the Mac. The verification step:

To verify that everything is correct, type “adb devices” in a terminal (or Windows Command Prompt). If you see your device appear as a result of the sentence “List of devices attached” is that the smartphone and the PC are well recognized by one and the other. If everything is good, we can start the installation!

Installation Procedure

Warning: learn before you jump into these manipulations. The installation is at your own risk and can potentially polish your appliances!

Before starting the installation, we strongly recommend you to think up all data from the device and to have a charged battery (ideally above 80%).

Here’s how to install Android on Nexus 5 million, or a Nexus 6 Nexus 9:

  • Open a terminal (Mac) or command prompt (Windows).
  • Then navigate to the directory where you unzipped the image of the new preview of Android M with the command “cd <Folder Path>” (example: cd c: / users / desktop / androidm / volantis- MPZ44Q /)
  • Once this is done, reboot your Google Nexus mode “bootloader” by typing the “adb reboot bootloader” command in the terminal or command prompt. Your device will restart and display a special menu.
  • Then you will need to unlock the bootloader on your Nexus typing “fastboot oem unlock” in the terminal or command prompt.
  • Press Volume Up to enter the unlock bootloader. Your device will restart and be on the bootloader menu.
  • You can flash the device via the “flash-all.bat” command (Windows) or “./” (Mac) that use executable present in the Android image’s file.
  • The terminal window or command prompt will detail the steps of the installation. Have patience!
  • Once the installation is done, your device restarts itself. In our case, it took several minutes. Welcome to Android M!
  • For security, you can lock the bootloader again. To do this, reboot in “bootloader” (see step 3) and then type the “fastboot oem lock” command.


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