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Our Selection of Best Radar Detectors For Android. For regulars car trips, nothing beats a good radar warning, just to lead with confidence and safely. With this little comparison, you will discover the best on Android with a selection just for your little eyes alert to the dangers on the road. Here is our top warning radar.

best radar detectors for android

Comparison of Android on radar detectors

Whether you are looking for a free app or a paid application with additional services, you’ll find your happiness on the Google Play Store. Following the laws passed in recent years, you will not find more as ”  warning radar “since these applications have become illegal under this term. It is now a question of ”  driving aids  “which thus indicate danger zones.

1- Paid apps

1.1. iCoyote

icoyote android app

It’s probably the best known of radar detectors, and because it is one of the first. His great strength is its community. Each user can report, accidents, work, fixed and mobile speed cameras, work, etc. This richness and mutual aid users make a foolproof companion on the road and mix the information boxes as users of the application. The interface is very nice and iCoyote uses data from Google Maps which he adds his. Ingenious!

An Android version is very complete, but it will pay the price, the latter being the most expensive app in the market. The application is free for 30 days. If you want to continue the adventure, you will pay 49.99 euros the year, 6 months + 6 months free, or 11.99 euros per month. The most expensive, but also the most complete that exists.
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2 – Free applications

2.1. Waze

waze android app

Waze is a bit particular. This is actually a community-based GPS application. You will be able to view your friends or Waze community members on the board. They appear as small drawings. In terms of driving aids and radar warning, the features are available but are less ergonomic than competing applications. You will be informed of the danger areas in both directions of movement and be informed on the price of fuel, road works or the presence of police officers.

At the level of the reported mobile cameras, one still falls below a level iCoyote and Avertinoo. But keep in mind that Waze is a free application that makes both GPS and conducting support tool, which makes it a very interesting alternative with a sizeable community. The ergonomics of the application is not perfect, defect to be party to the richness of the information provided.

Update: Now on radar Waze is not specifically indicated. And there is a more easy way to display the forcing parameters unless you have Waze 3.7.8 and operate ABEdesBois for Waze.

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2.2. CamSam

camsam android app

CamSam this is a warning radar that rises on the Google Play! The application is free and focuses on the signaling of fixed and mobile speed cameras in real time. The great strength of the application is updated every 5 minutes of new data collected. A visual and audible warning is triggered when you approach. Well done!

They are no less than 58 000 speed cameras that are listed in the application. The direction in which they are of course specified. CamSam is also available in paid version for 0.99 euro with the ability to switch the interface in landscape mode, alerts for advanced radars or correction fastest bugs and adding new features. That’s a great idea to support the team behind the development.

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2.3. Traffic, Radar & GPS – Glob

Rather praised by users (community Glubbers would be 2 million, according to the developers), Glob offers lots of information to facilitate the life of a motorist. Although the community is less than that of a Waze, yet it is very responsive. The application itself can even compete with others who offer paid subscriptions.

Indeed, traffic information is communicated to collecting anonymous data users, but the app also has the good taste to provide traffic information to Google as well as other official sources. With such an approach, Glob can afford to be as comprehensive as possible. This is a software test without hesitation.
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So much for our section of the best radar detectors on Android. Paid apps often prove far more comprehensive than the free, but everyone is not willing to pay for such services. Motorists daily will probably more tempted to pay for an application they use every day.

If you have any comments on the applications or share your experience of some cautionary radar, do not hesitate to let us know. You can also find our top 5 applications to find the best Android GPS.

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