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Windows Redstone: the successor to Windows 10 already in preparation, 2016

This is surprising news but encouraging for the future, Microsoft is already preparing the next update of Windows 10, even before it came out. It will not be Windows 11 or Windows 10.1, but Windows Redstone is the code name given to it at the moment. To be honest, Microsoft would have completely changed how-to’s desktop OS.

Windows Redstone

You’ll probably recognize the little wink (or not) Minecraft, recently acquired by Microsoft, but that is not the subject of the article. Since the announcement of Windows 10, Microsoft has been saying that the latest version of its OS evolves much faster than its predecessors, well that was a lie. Indeed, the firm has already planned two update waves for the year 2016.

This is not a novelty, always plan following a Microsoft product and is one of the experts in the field, but never it will have been faster. This famous Redstone will not be a radical change, but rather a relatively minor update in the sense that the same operation will not change. Windows 10 already operates a complete reset of the OS, not need more.


We do not know yet anything about what will bring this update, it is still too early, but what we know is that it will be considered an update “usual” system, except it will be particularly largest and bring new features. Moreover, it will be in two waves, the first in June 2016 and the second in October 2016.

When I told you that Microsoft changed the way it is that Windows 10 should be the last numbering of the operating system. Let me explain, instead of making new iterations (XP, Vista, 7, 8 …), Windows 10 will be the base system and updates will be incorporated continuously to improve the system constantly to finish Open Source?

Do you think Microsoft would make the right choice in working this way?

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