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YouTube: How to Create GIF from a video with the new integrated tool

Google made several major changes to YouTube. Among them, the company is testing the creation of GIF from a video online. The resulting file can easily be shared on social networks or elsewhere. A long-awaited idea that should revolutionize the uses of short-term visitors, as it will be applied to all YouTube videos!

create gif with youtube videos


For now, the experiment seems to only affect a YouTube channel, but the tool is well integrated and perfectly usable by all as we will see through our little tutorial accompanied by a practical example to illustrate our statements.

How to create GIF from a YouTube video

  • Visit the YouTube channel PBS Idea Channel, the only compatible for the time with this new opportunity.
  • Click “Share” as if you wanted to post the video on a social network.
  • Then click GIF to discover the whole new interface dedicated to creating … GIF!

youtube creation gif tutorials

  • Then just select your favorite part in the displayed timeline. It will not exceed 6 seconds, a good average time for an animated GIF.
  • Feel free to add text at the top or bottom. It will appear on the screen in a prescribed font and will be visible directly on the preview of the video on the right.
  • It’ll just click on ”  Create GIF  “to enjoy the result.

youtube creation gif


And voila, you can be proud of your already mythical creation. Google now wish to generalize the GIF tool to all YouTube videos that make up the famous streaming platform. The test is conclusive anyway here we imagine already share the best moments of a film LOLCats. Happiness (or horror, it depends)!

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